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Every year, there are horrific reports of nursing home abuse and neglect on the part of care providers who families trusted to protect their loved ones.  Jugo & Murphy has over thirty years of experience vigorously pursuing nursing homes and assisted living facilities who neglect or abuse the elderly.

Nursing home abuse and neglect occurs when a nursing home causes injury by not taking proper care of a resident. Abuse is not always easy to discover.  Common physical signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include untreated bedsores, torn clothing, broken personal items, bruises in a pattern that would suggest restraints, excessive and sudden weight loss, dirt on the resident or in the resident’s room, fecal/urine odors, poor personal hygiene, unusual behavior or other unattended health problems.  The easiest way to uncover abuse or neglect is to communicate with your loved one. Give the resident every opportunity to tell you about neglect or abuse.

Careless staff or staff shortages often lead to nursing home abuse and neglect. Signs to look for include:

  • Caregiver’s refusal to allow visitors to see resident alone;
  • Lack of proper heating or cooling in the nursing home;
  • Caregiver’s inability to explain the resident’s condition;
  • Caregiver allowing the resident to wander off the premises; and
  • Sudden change in the resident’s medication.

At Jugo & Murphy, our Miami nursing home neglect attorneys are committed to helping you and using our legal expertise and extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations to eliminate nursing home abuse and neglect in South Florida. Just one example of a case handled by our nursing home abuse lawyers involved a 75-year-old woman with an untreated urinary tract infection. She developed sepsis, multiple organ failure and eventually died. Her six surviving adult children sued, and they were awarded the maximum policy limit of $2 million. Read our FAQ about personal injury or contact us if you or someone you care about is in need of a nursing home neglect attorney in Key West or any other of our practice areas.

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