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Negligent security cases involve injury to an individual as a result of a criminal assault at a commercial establishment such as a hotel, shopping center, parking garage, apartment or office building.  The owner, manager and/or occupier of the premises have a duty to take reasonable measures to protect the public from criminal acts of third parties where such acts are foreseeable. They must provide adequate security, including proper lighting, gates, security guards and patrols, and security hardware on doors and windows.

At Jugo & Murphy, our Miami negligent security lawyers have over thirty years experience in successfully handling slip and fall cases, as well as other premises liability cases such as construction accidents and negligent security cases. Just one of the negligent security cases we have handled involved an 18 year old who was shot and killed in a drive-through lane of a fast food restaurant.  The case settled for the maximum policy limit of $600,000. Our Miami and Florida Keys lawyers and staff will thoroughly investigate your case to make sure that all responsible parties are held accountable for your injuries.

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