Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Riding a motorcycle in South Florida can be an incredible experience. There is nothing like the wind hitting your face, taking in nature, and the overall freedom that riding a motorcycle affords. However, a day of joyriding can quickly turn into a deadly or injury-riddled affair. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable drivers on the road. They do not have the same protection that those in cars have and are not easily visible in many situations. For these reasons, severe motorcycle accident injuries, as well as fatal motorcycle injuries, are far too common. While some injuries can be attributed to motorcycle driver error, many others are due to the negligence of other drivers on the road. If you have recently been in an accident due to the fault of someone else and suffered major motorcycle accident injuries, it is imperative that you contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as you can. Give the attorneys at Jugo & Murphy a call to schedule your free initial consultation today.   

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

It’s no secret that riding a motorcycle (especially in Florida) is inherently dangerous. The current motorcycle accident statistics are not meant to dissuade you from driving a motorcycle, but they should serve as a reminder to exercise extreme caution when doing so. Learn more about motorcycle accident statistics below. 

  • Fatal motorcycle injuries happen 28 times more than other types of accident fatalities. 
  • Roughly 5,000 people die each year as a result of a motorcycle accident.
  • Nearly 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve passenger vehicles.
  • Florida has one of the highest rates of fatal motorcycle injuries in the nation.
  • More than 10,000 motorcycle accidents happen in Florida each year.
  • Roughly 8,000 motorcycle accident injuries occur annually as a result of accidents in Florida. 

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Due to the nature of riding a motorcycle, the likelihood of being injured in an accident is significantly higher than those driving other types of vehicles. As a result, motorcycle accident injuries are typically much more severe and have a higher rate of motorcycle accident fatalities. Listed below are the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries sustained when collisions occur. 

  • Head injuries: Many injuries occur during a motorcycle crash as a result of the driver being ejected from their motorcycles. When ejected, head injuries almost always occur. They can include concussions, severe brain damage, cracked skull, etc. This is especially true or those not wearing a helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets save more than 1,800 people per year and could save an additional 800 more if they were wearing one. 
  • Road Rash: It may feel good to wear shorts and short sleeves while driving a motorcycle, that is until you are in an accident. Road rash occurs when a motorcyclist slides across the pavement and their skin is scraped away. In some cases, it may be minor. In others, it can cause permanent nerve damage. 
  • Arm and Leg Injuries: Since you are not afforded the protection that a car driver has, a motorcyclist’s arms and legs are particularly susceptible to motorcycle accident injuries in the case of an accident. 

When to Call A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You can always be more careful when riding a motorcycle. However, you cannot always avoid accidents and subsequent motorcycle accident injuries and motorcycle accident fatalities. If you have suffered an injury (or a loved one has suffered fatal motorcycle injuries) while riding a motorcycle and it was due to the fault of another driver, you have every right to pursue fair compensation. After you have sought the appropriate medical attention, it is recommended that you immediately contact a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer. Give the professionals at Jugo & Murphy a call for your free consultation today.