Types of Brain Damage

There are several types of brain damage that result from a variety of different factors. Force, location, and the area of the brain the injuries affect will result in effects that alter the way the brain works. Each type of injury has a different classification that affects the specific legal issues related to a particular type of injury. We work in the Miami, Florida area to make sure you receive the legal help you need to recuperate from the brain damage you have sustained.

Brain Damage

Damage to the brain will result in impairment of physical, sensory and mental issues that can alter the ways your body functions. Brain damage can come from any number of sources, so it is classified into several categories.

    • Concussion: The result of traumatic impact, sudden momentum, or sudden movement change. It is the most common brain injury type.
      • Causes:
          • Direct blows to the head
          • Gunshots
          • Violent head shaking
        • Whiplash
    • Contusion: The bruising or bleeding on the brain
      • Causes:
        • Direct impact to the head
    • Coup-Contrecoup Injury: Contusions that occur both at the site of impact and the corresponding opposite side of the brain.
      • Causes:
        • Direct impact to the head
    • Diffuse Axonal Injury: The tearing of nerve tissue throughout the brain.
      • Causes:
        • Violent shaking or rotation of the head
    • Traumatic Brain Injury: Damage to brain tissue by outside forces.
      • Causes:
          • Rapid acceleration and then deceleration
        • An object fracturing the skull
  • Anoxic Event: An event or circumstance that causes an extreme reaction in the body.
    • Causes:
        • Near drowning
        • Electrical shock
        • Drug overdose
        • Kidney/heart failure
      • Industrial/chemical exposure
  • Acquired Brain Disorder: The disruption of brain or nervous system.
    • Causes:
        • Injuries
        • Toxins
      • Disease
    • Shaken Baby Syndrome: Whiplash like injuries to a baby or child.  
      • Causes:
        • The criminal act of aggressively shaking a baby or child.
    • Second Impact Syndrome:  When one sustains a second traumatic brain injury before a previous injury has healed.
      • Causes:
        • Repeated traumatic injury
  • Locked-in Syndrome: A neurological condition in which one is unable to move any part of the body except for the eyes.
    • Causes:
      • Damage to the pons area of the brain

Regardless of the type of brain damage you have, the effects are always detrimental. Brain damage brings problems with it that require both medical and legal professional help to heal the injury.

Handle Your Miami, Florida Medical Expenses

Depending on the type of brain damage you have sustained, you may find yourself in need of legal help to acquire professional aid. Our law firm works in the Miami, Florida area to help you receive the affordable help you need for your particular brain damage. Do not deny yourself the help necessary to recover from the aftermath of your injury. If you are facing the legal effects of brain damage, do not hesitate to call a law firm now. We are available to help you.

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