Signs of Brain Damage

Injuries resulting in brain damage are time-sensitive crises. It is extremely important that you seek treatment for your injury as soon as possible in order to minimize the amount of permanent damage. Medical care has advanced so that doctors can spot the subtle symptoms and effects of brain damage. If you find yourself with the symptoms that may indicate possible brain damage, it is important to acquire all the medical and legal help necessary to handle the situation.

The Symptoms of Brain Damage

Brain injuries sport a long catalog of symptoms that can change the way your body acts, the way you think, and even your personality. The amount of trauma as well as your specific physiology play a part in the symptoms and associated issues you may face. The signs of brain injury may manifest in different parts of the brain and body. Symptoms of brain injury include the following:  

  • Mild brain injury:
    • Physical symptoms:
        • Loss of consciousness (ranging from seconds to minutes)
        • Dazing
        • Confusion
        • Disorientation
        • Nausea
        • Vomiting
        • Fatigue
        • Drowsiness
        • Difficulty sleeping
        • Sleeping more than usual
      • Dizziness or loss of balance
    • Sensory Symptoms:
        • Blurred vision
        • Ringing in the ears
        • A bad taste in the mouth
        • Changes in the ability to smell
      • Sensitivity to light or sound
    • Mental symptoms:
        • Memory problems
        • Concentration problems
        • Mood changes
        • Mood swings
        • Depression
      • Anxiety
  • Moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries:
    • Physical symptoms:
        • Loss of consciousness (ranging from minutes to hours)
        • Persistent headache
        • Repeated vomiting
        • Repeated nausea
        • Convulsions
        • Seizures
        • Dilation of one or both pupils of the eyes
        • Clear fluids draining from the nose or ears
        • Inability to awaken from sleep
        • Weakness or numbness in fingers and toes
      • Loss of coordination
      • Mental symptoms:
          • Profound confusion
          • Agitation
          • Combativeness
          • Slurred speech
        • Coma and other disorders of consciousness
  • Children’s Injuries and Symptoms: Many children lack the ability to articulate the state of their health or the symptoms they are experiencing. If a child has a traumatic brain injury you, may need to observe their symptoms such as the following:
      • Change in eating or nursing habits
      • Persistent crying
      • Inability to be consoled
      • Irritability issues
      • New attention issues
      • Altered sleep habits
      • Sad mood
      • Depression
    • Change in interests concerning toys or activities

If you or someone near you is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it is possible that a brain injury has occurred. Brain injuries require immediate action to handle the current situation because it may escalate into an increasingly serious one.

In Miami and Notice a Sign of Brain Damage?  

Knowing if you or a loved one has a brain injury is a vital matter. After the existence of an injury has been determined, you must treat the injury as soon as possible. The faster you understand the situation, the more quickly you can draft a plan to handle any scenario that unfolds. We emphasize the importance of understanding brain injury, and we seek to help you address the aftermath of your brain injury in the Miami, Florida area. If you or a loved one identifies signs of brain damage, we are here to work with you and help support you throughout the upcoming process.

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