Brain Injury Law in Florida

When you or a loved one suffers through a traumatic brain injury, the consequences are more than just physical or mental. The injury and its aftermath can also affect the way you handle your financial responsibilities and your ability to maintain your basic quality of life. Your fiscal security can be placed in jeopardy. The legal and financial fallout can severely impact the way that you and your loved ones live. With the correct legal help in the field of brain injury law, the problems associated with handling a serious brain injury become easier to solve.

What You Can Do

Hiring the correct attorney is an important early step in stabilizing the situation following a traumatic brain injury. You have options, so it is necessary to quickly assess these options and plot a course of action tailored to your specific situation. Has your injury impaired you to the point that you are considered disabled? If so, you are eligible for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. Under the ADA, you can pursue a career, free of discrimination over your disabling injury. The ADA ensures that you are free from discrimination throughout the many aspects of your employment process, including the following:

    • Job application procedures
    • Hiring
    • Firing
    • Training
    • Pay
    • Promotion
    • Benefits
  • Leave

If you are being discriminated against or denied the chance to fully participate in these aspects of employment, hire an attorney to help you work to change the situation now.


Some brain injuries can lead to difficulties in completing average workplace tasks. Under the ADA, you can work to make sure your environment enables you to succeed in your job. Depending on the effects of your injury, you have options for modifying your work environment. These options include but are not limited to the following:

  • Physical changes:
      • Installing a ramp
    • Modifying a workspace or restroom
    • Sign language interpreters for people who are deaf
    • Readers for people who are blind
    • Providing a quieter workspace
    • Training and other written materials in an accessible format
        • Braille
        • Audio tape
      • Computer disk
    • TTYs for use with telephones
    • Hardware and software aids
  • Time off for disability treatment

You have the right to receiving the most from your workplace. Don’t suffer any unnecessary discomfort or challenges; have your workplace work to suit your needs.

Ensure Your Comfort and Welfare in Miami, Florida

Our law firm focuses on brain injury law in the Miami, Florida area. Don’t let an injury prevent you from seeking a comfortable lifestyle that is suited to you. Prevent workplace discrimination and find a legal route that ensures you aren’t being denied the rights you deserve. If you have a situation where you need a brain injury attorney, we are here for you. Call today for a free consultation.

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